The User profile view for Office

This view displays your user account settings and lets you choose a substitute.

To access this view: Click your user name in the main menu and select My profile.

Use this view to see your user account settings and choose a substitute.


User name

The name you use to log in to ReadSoft Online.

Full name

The real name (first name, last name) of the user.


The email address of the user.


The phone number of the user.


Specifies an alternate user for workflow services. You can use this setting, for example, if the user is absent, and you want to choose another user to take his place temporarily. When this setting is empty, nothing happens. When you specify substitute, the substitute user replaces the current user in all workflows until you change this setting to empty again.

If you have workflows that use groups, instead of individual users, to assign invoices, make sure the substitute user belongs to the same groups as the user being substituted.

When selecting a substitute, an icon () appears next to users who have an active substitute. In other words, users with the icon are most likely absent themselves and not good candidates for selection as a substitute.


Use this setting to make administrative notes about the user. For example, if the user is your main contact at the customer site, you can make a note of this here for your reference.