Processing invoices with Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365

Invoices can enter Kofax AP Essentials in two ways: by uploading them inside Dynamics as an "Incoming Document", or by sending them to your unique input email address, which is described in the welcome email.

To upload invoices via Microsoft Dynamics:

  1. Open Microsoft Dynamics and navigate to the Incoming Documents list.
  2. Click Create from File, and select an invoice image, such as a PDF file, on your computer.
  3. Click Send to OCR Service in the dialog that appears.

    After a moment (normally less than one minute), Kofax AP Essentials begins processing the document.

  4. Click Receive from OCR Service to check the status of the document.

    This action can be automated using Dynamics Job Queues.

    • If the Kofax AP Essentials verification service is enabled, the OCR status of the document is set to "Awaiting Verification". If you click the status link, the document opens in Kofax AP Essentials Office, so you can verify the correctness of the captured information. Please note that you will need to setup a user account that has access to Kofax AP Essentials Verify.
    • If you are not using Kofax AP Essentials verification, or if the invoice has been verified, it will be available to be picked up by Dynamics.

  5. Click Receive from OCR Service to retrieve the result.

    This action can be automated using Dynamics Job Queues.

  6. After the invoice data is in the Incoming Document card inside Dynamics, you can click Create Document to create a Dynamics Purchase Invoice from the resulting data.

    You can also automate the process of creating Purchase Invoices by using the built-in workflows in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. See Dynamics help for information.