Ordering a service plan

You can purchase Kofax AP Essentials service plans at the online store. Note that not all of the steps below are available if you select a trial plan.

  1. Navigate to the Kofax AP Essentials Store: https://store.readsoftonline.com/
  2. Choose a Kofax AP Essentials solution to integrate with your financial system and click ORDER NOW. Kofax AP Essentials integrates with a number of ERP systems, financial systems and accounting programs. You can also integrate with other systems that are not listed using Kofax AP Essentials for XML, or create custom solutions using the API.
  3. Choose a service plan, such as Trial, Basic or Premium, and click SELECT.

    Kofax AP Essentials partners can request a demo account by following the link lower on the page.

  4. Use the settings in the page that appears to specify the number of Documents per month you process and the desired Subscription period. The longer the subscription period, the more money you save per invoice.
  5. Specify the registration settings. Note that the email address and password you specify here is used for accessing your store account later.
  6. Provide your payment method. Payment is not processed in this step. You are given a chance to review your purchase in the next step. Currently, we accept many major credit cards and PayPal.
  7. Review your order and read Terms and Conditions and Terms of Service. Note that VAT is only applied to your subscription purchase if your organization is located in Sweden. After you agree to the terms, click CONFIRM ORDER to process the order. Shortly after your order is complete, your account you will receive separate emails containing login information, your first invoice and a receipt of payment.

    Email notifications are sent automatically each month when payment is drafted from your credit card or PayPal account. Notification emails are also sent if you are about to reach your monthly document volume limit.