Specifying field display order

You can specify the order in which fields are displayed in AP Essentials Office during invoice verification.

When you adjust the settings at the partner level, it acts as a template for newly created customers.

Specifying field display order in Admin Center

To specify the order in which fields are displayed during invoice verification:

  1. Navigate to the Extraction view in the administration tree-view.

    Alternatively, if you want to adjust these settings on the buyer level, navigate to a buyer under the Buyers node and select the Extraction node.

  2. Click Edit and click the document type that you want to adjust. The the document type view appears.

    Note that fields that are selected on the Header fields tab and the Line-item fields tab are the fields that appear during verification in AP Essentials Office. These are also the fields that are exported to your target system.

  3. Click the Display order tab and use the settings to specify the order you want fields to appear.