Adding a workflow

A workflow configuration determines how an invoice is routed through different users for approval before it is finally posted in the target system.

Adding a workflow in Admin Center

To add a workflow using Admin Center

  1. Navigate to the Workflow view, click EDIT and then click one of the following:
  2. In the dialog that appears, give the workflow a Name and Description.
  3. Click ADD to create a step in the workflow.

    Alternatively, if you want to create a workflow for approving invoices automatically without user interaction, do not create any steps here and skip to step 11. For example, if you want invoices with amounts less than $20 to be approved automatically, create a workflow without steps and create a trigger to direct invoices with amounts less than $20 to that workflow.

  4. In the dialog that appears, specify the Name of the step.
  5. Select the user or group who will perform this step in the Assigned to user box.
  6. Optionally select the Coding box if you want users to be able to perform account coding it this step.

    Users with the Edit approval documents privilege can perform coding regardless of the Coding setting.

    Currently, user groups on the partner group and customer group levels do not support approval hierarchies. Do not select Use approval hierarchy on a workflow step that is assigned to a user group on the partner group or customer group level.

  7. Optionally select Use approval hierarchy if you want to use linear approval, or other hierarchal approval methods, which can reduce the number of workflows you have to create.
  8. Optionally create conditions for the step.
  9. Click OK to add this step the workflow and return to the previous view.
  10. Repeat steps 3 to 9 until you have created all the steps your workflow requires. You can make up to 50 steps in a workflow.
  11. Specify the Exception handler.
  12. Click OK to return the Workflow view, and click SAVE to save the workflow.