Configuring saved searches for NetSuite

Saved searches help Kofax AP Essentials communicate with NetSuite faster and are required to use the NetSuite integration.

You must install the Kofax AP Essentials bundle before you perform these steps.

  1. In NetSuite, navigate to Lists > Search > Saved searches. Find the Kofax AP Essentials saved searches and note the ID of each one.

    The default IDs provided with the integration are:

    • customsearchapsvendors - suppliers from NetSuite.

    • customsearchapspurchaseorders - for purchase orders from NetSuite.

    • customsearchapsitems - items from NetSuite.

    • customsearchapsglaccounts - chart of accounts data from NetSuite.

    • customsearchapsclassifications - classifications from NetSuite.

    • customsearchapscustomers - customer coding segments from NetSuite.

    • customsearchapsprojects - project coding segments from NetSuite.

      You must make a copy of customsearchapsprojects, adjust its criteria to fit your solution, and use the copy for the saved-search ID that you specif in the next step. You do not need to do this for the other saved searches.

    Note: If you use and older version of the integration, the IDs above are slightly different. All instances of "aps" are instead "rso". For example, if you use an old integration, customsearchapsvendors is customsearchrsovendors.

  2. In AP Essentials Admin Center (target system settings), specify the saved-search IDs from NetSuite that you want to import into AP Essentials as master data.

    Optionally, you can create your own saved searches and use them with AP Essentials. If you chose to do so, simply update the target system settings with the new saved-search IDs.

  3. When you are ready to import the NetSuite data to AP Essentials, navigate to the Master data service and click Get master data now.

Optional buyer-specific saved searches

When you configure saved-search settings, the settings apply to all buyer organizations. However, if you use NetSuite OneWorld, you can also create saved searches per NetSuite subsidiary (buyer). This is helpful if you need custom filtering per subsidiary to allow for shared vendors for example. To use subsidiary-specific searches, you map buyers in AP Essentials to subsidiaries in NetSuite OneWorld. Then you use Buyer-specific settings to specify saved search IDs for individual buyers/subsidiaries.

  1. Make sure each subsidiary in NetSuite OneWorld has a corresponding buyer in AP Essentials as described here.
  2. Navigate to the target system settings and specify each saved search setting that your solution requires.
  3. For each saved search that requires buyer-specific settings, click Buyer-specific settings and use the view that appears to specify saved searches for individual buyers. You do not have to specify settings for all buyers.

    When AP Essentials determines which saved-search settings to use, buyer-specific settings take the highest precedence. If a buyer-specific setting is empty, AP Essentials uses the setting specified in the main target system settings view.