Rejecting invoices

While verifying invoices, click Reject () and use the dialog that appears to reject the invoice and provide a reason for the rejection. This is useful, for example, if you want to prevent an invoice from being processed and sent to the target system. Rejecting an invoice assigns the Rejected status to the invoice.

After you reject an invoice, it appears in the Rejected document list view. If you enable the REJECT REASON column in any of the document list views, you can use the filter box to search for reject reasons and codes.

When you click Reject, a dialog appears. The appearance of the dialog can vary, depending on your setup, but the purpose is the same: to specify why you are rejecting the document. The information you provide in the dialog is saved with the document and displayed clearly to anyone who opens the document. The rejection information is also saved in the document history.

By default, Kofax AP Essentials provides common reasons for you to choose for rejecting a document. However, if the default rejection reasons do not suit your needs, an administrator can specify custom reject codes with corresponding descriptions which are made available for selection in the Reject document dialog.

Creating custom reject codes

Administrators can use Admin Center to create custom reject codes, and corresponding descriptions, which replace the default choices in the Reject document dialog. To create custom reject codes, simply use the Reject codes view to create up to 100 custom reject codes.