The Sellers view

To access this view in Admin Center:  Click a Sellers node in the administration tree.

Use this view to add a seller to a customer account that performs accounts receivable operations.


Displays a view that you can use to add a new seller.

NAME The name of the seller. Clicking a seller name navigates to the seller in the administration tree.
COUNTRY The country of the seller.
ORGANIZATION NUMBER The organization number of the seller.
VAT NUMBER The VAT number of the seller. You can increase interpretation rates of VAT registration fields by providing your organization's VAT number.
EXTERNAL ID A value you can use to identify the seller in an external system, such as your target system.

Click to display a context menu of actions you can perform on the seller.

  • Open in new tab - Opens the selected seller in a new web browser tab.

  • Delete - Displays a dialog that asks if you want to delete the seller.

    Deleting a seller also deletes all in-progress documents attached to the seller. Customer master data on the seller level and email addresses (for email input) are also deleted.