Editing email templates

ReadSoft Online uses email templates when sending automatic notifications. You can customize the contents of the notification emails to your liking.

Editing email templates in Admin Center

To edit an email template in Admin Center:

  1. Navigate to the Email templates view.

    Different templates are displayed, depending on your current account level (subsidiary, partner or customer). Templates without "template" in the name are used when a notification is triggered at the current account level. Templates that contain "template" in the name are the templates that are copied to the corresponding sub account when you create a new sub account.

  2. Click a template that you want to edit from the list and click EDIT.
  3. Edit the Subject and Body of the email as you see fit. Note the variables that are available for use in the email body and subject. Different variables are available depending on the template you select. Variables relating to passwords cannot be used in the email subject.

    Optionally, you can select Enable HTML to use HTML-formatted text in the body.

  4. Click SAVE & CLOSE after you are done making changes.

    When saving templates for sub accounts, you are prompted to choose whether you want to:

    • Save changes to this template only - Existing templates are not changed; however, new sub-accounts created after this point will use the updated template.

    • Save changes to this template and all existing [Template name] templates for all partners/customers - Existing templates of immediate sub accounts are updated with the new template. For example, suppose you edit the template named "Batch received template" on a subsidiary account. In this case, the template is updated for all partners of the current subsidiary. Note, however, that only partner templates are affected; the changes do not propagate recursively to the customer accounts.

HTML templates