Storage services

Storage services provide long-term archiving of document images and data that have been processed in Kofax AP Essentials and sent to the target system. This is useful, for example, if your target system does not support the long-term storage of document images and data.

When Storage services are enabled, whenever a document is sent to the target system, it is also copied to storage. If the Workflow service is enabled, and document registration is enabled, a copy of the document is sent to storage during registration in the target system and again when it is exported (posted) to the target system. Documents in storage are read-only and cannot be processed.

Successfully processed documents that are not in storage are automatically deleted from Kofax AP Essentials after three months. Documents that are not in storage and are still in the system, but have not been fully processed, are automatically deleted one year after the last user interaction. Copies of documents in storage are not deleted unless you manually delete them yourself or discontinue the Storage service.

Invoices in storage are easy to access and contain:

  • the original input file (image file, email including attachments, etc.)
  • the final document image that was sent to the target system
  • interpreted field values
  • accounting data (if any exists)
  • attachments (if any exist)
  • comments (if any exist)
  • the document history
  • external IDs

With some target-system integrations, the document ID from the target system is also saved. This is called the External ID in Kofax AP Essentials.

Storage services are enabled in the Services view. To view stored documents, simply navigate to the Storage view.

Original emails containing documents are saved by Storage services and can be viewed on the Attachments tab by Office users that have the Access STORAGE privilege.

If you choose to cancel this service, contact your local Kofax representative to find out how you can export data from Storage services.