The Add new seller view

Use this view to specify seller settings in Admin Center.

To access this dialog in Admin Center: Click ADD in the Sellers view, or click the name of an existing seller and click Company profile.

Use these settings to add a new seller.

Name The name of the seller. This can be a legal entity or a person.
Organization number The organization number of the seller.
VAT number The VAT number of the organization. You can increase interpretation rates of VAT registration fields by providing your organization's VAT number here. In many cases, VAT registration numbers for the seller and the customer appear in the document header, making it difficult to determine which value to capture. By providing your VAT registration number, Kofax AP Essentials can exclude your VAT number from the list of possibilities when searching for the correct VAT number on the document.
Phone The phone number of the seller.
Fax The fax number of the seller.
Street address The street address of the seller.
Post code The postal code or ZIP code of the seller.
City The city of the seller.
State The state of the seller.
Country The country of the seller.
Notes Use this space to save additional information about the organization.
ID Use this value to identify the organization in an external system, such as your target system.

Creates a new contact. Contact information ensures seamless communication and quick assistance when needed.

  • Contact type (Required) — Choose a contact type, Sales contact or Technical contact, which best describes the role of the contact person.

  • Name (Required) — The name of the contact person.

  • Email — The email address of the contact person.

  • Phone — The phone number of the contact person.

Note: You must specify an email address or phone number.

Alternative name 1 Alternate names of the seller organization that can help identify the seller if seller classification is enabled.
Alternative name 2
Alternative name 3