NetSuite: Code an invoice

The NetSuite integration supports general ledger coding of non-PO invoices. This means you can code invoices using Kofax AP Essentials and send the account-coding data to NetSuite along with the captured invoice data. Kofax AP Essentials makes coding easy by combining accounting codes and segments from NetSuite with Kofax AP Essentials automatic coding suggestions.

To utilize these features:

  1. Configure saved searches for customsearchapsglaccounts and optionally customsearchapscustomers and/or customsearchapsprojects , depending on how you code invoices. You can configure additional saved searches, but customsearchapsglaccounts is the only one that is required for account coding.
  2. Add each coding field and any other supported coding segments ( Location, Department, Class, Memo, Project, Customer, Amount) that you require to the Workflow service.
  3. Enable automatic coding suggestions in the Coding configuration settings.
  4. Select Allow balancing against total amount, and set the Balancing amount to Net amount.