The Service plan view

Use this view to view or adjust a service plan in Admin Center.

To access this view in Admin Center: Click an Account node in the administration tree and click Edit in the Service plan settings.

Use these settings to adjust the service plan:


Determines the licensing model:

  • The Live model is for customers in production.
  • The Demo model is for organizations that use Kofax AP Essentials for demonstration purposes.
  • The Trial model is for organizations that want to test Kofax AP Essentials.

Period start

Specifies when the current period of service plan started.

Period end

Specifies when the current period of service plan ends.  


The number of documents that are licensed during the period specified by the service plan. In other words, the number of documents the customer can process during the specified period. Document volume data is updated every 5 hours.

Enforce subscription period

Automatically pauses the account when the subscription period ends.

Dates for Period start and Period end are expressed in UTC time and are inclusive. For example, if Period start is 2024-01-01 and Period end is 2024-01-31, then the subscription is valid from 2024-01-01 00:00 until 2024-01-31 at 23:59 UTC time.

Enforce volume limit

Automatically pauses the account when the document volume reaches its limit. In other words, if Volume is set to 100, the account pauses after the 100th document is processed.

Description You can use this setting to save notes about the licensing. For example, if you made special arrangements to extend the length of a demo account, you can type the details here.  
Reference The text that you type here is used as the customer billing report reference in the billing report.