Creating conditional steps in a workflow

Similar to the way you create rules to trigger a workflow, you can also create conditions on individual steps in a workflow, which determine if a step is used in a workflow.

  • If the condition is met, the step is used in the workflow.
  • If the condition is not met, the step is skipped. When you approve an invoice, skipped steps are displayed in the workflow pane of the document view but are crossed out.
  • If a step does not have a condition, the step is always required.
  • If each step in the workflow has a condition, but none of the conditions are met, all of the steps are skipped. This means that the workflow ends, and the document is posted to the target system without handling.

Adding a conditional step in Admin Center

To create a conditional step using Admin Center:

  1. Click ADD in the Workflow step view.
  2. Use the settings that appear to create a condition.

    You can create more than one condition if necessary.

  3. Make sure you save your settings.