Using a custom domain for Email input services

This feature requires special customization, so please contact your Kofax representative if you are interested.

When you use Email input services to send invoices via email, all email addresses use the domain by default; however, partners can use their own domains instead.

These steps assume that the partner already has a registered domain.

  1. In the DNS settings on your own domain server, add two MX records according to the table below. Specify the host names and priorities that correspond to the Kofax AP Essentials system you use. This enables the routing of incoming email to Kofax AP Essentials.
    Kofax AP Essentials system Host name Priority
    Europe 10
    Europe 20
    North America 10
    North America 20
    Asia and Australia 10
    Asia and Australia 20
    Make sure the MX records do not interfere with your normal email operations. You can do this by using a separate domain or sub-domain to route the email. Incorrect DNS settings can cause all of your email to be lost or sent to the wrong server.

    The domain/sub-domain you use for email input services cannot have CNAME records defined.

  2. Contact your Kofax representative and provide the custom domain name you want to use. After Kofax personnel adjust your settings, you can specify new email addresses that use your custom domain.