The Target system configuration dialog: XML locally settings

Use these settings to configure the "XML locally" target system.

To access this dialog: Select a Services node in the administration tree-view on the partner level or customer level, select Target system, select XML locally and click Configuration.

The settings that appear here vary, depending on the target system, version and current account level. Use these settings to specify settings for the target service:

Output image format Determines the format of the output invoices.
  • TIF - A black and white TIF image.
  • PDF - If the original PDF is color, the output PDF is also color. Original text layers are preserved. If the original PDF does not contain text layers, ReadSoft Online adds text layers from the interpreted data.
  • PDF (black and white) - A black and white PDF. Original text layers are discarded and recreated using ReadSoft Online's own interpretation results, however, text layers are not created if the document exceeds 100 pages.

    Choose this setting for the smallest file size.

    When ReadSoft Online receives XML invoices, it creates invoice images that may contain color; however, the file size is still small.

  • No image - Invoice images are not sent to the target system. Only invoice data is sent.

If you change the output format, the change only applies to invoices that you upload after the change was made. Invoices that are already in the system at the time of the change are not affected.

Export attachments

Any files that are attached to a document during verification or approval are also included with the output.

This setting is disabled unless the XML version is ReadSoft Online XML (2.0).

Embed image and exported attachments in XML output

Instead of including the invoice image and attachments as separate files, the images are embedded in the XML output as a Base64 string.

This setting is disabled unless the XML version is ReadSoft Online XML (2.0).

XSL transformation Specifies the name of the XSLT file you want to use to transform the invoice data (optional). The list is populated from files that have been uploaded to the Resources view.
Document output
XML version The XML output version you use for the XSL transformation.

XSL Transformation

Specifies the name of an internal XSLT file that you use to transform the invoice data (optional).
If you use ReadSoft Online Connect, and you change the Target system configuration settings, you must run the Online Connect configuration wizard again before you upload new  invoices.