The Search suppliers dialog

This dialog displays master data from the supplier registry.

To access this dialog: Click Supplier name in the document view or press F2.

Use this dialog to find and select a supplier in the document view. Use the boxes above each column to filter the results of the list using starts-with matching. For example, typing "Spring" returns Spring, Springfield, Springdale, etc. You can filter more than one column at a time. Double-clicking a supplier closes the dialog and copies the supplier to the current document.

The search box uses whole-word matching, whereas the filter boxes above each column use starts-with matching.


Searches all columns for the text you type here using whole-word matching. For example, assume you have suppliers in the city of Springfield. Searching for "Springfield" will return results, but searching for "Spring" will not.

Reset all filters

Resets all of the column filters.


Lets you specify which columns you want to see in the list. Available columns include:

  • Account number

  • Account number type

  • Bank name

  • Bank number

  • Bank number type

  • Blocked

  • City

  • Country name

  • Currency code

  • Description

  • Fax

  • Location

  • Organization number

  • Payment method

  • Payment terms

  • Postal code

  • State

  • Street

  • Tax code

  • Tax registration no.

  • Telephone number

  • Bypass verification

  • Exclude from identification

  • Lock online learning