Importing the Dynamics AX model file

This procedure shows how to import the Dynamics AX model file.

Click the Project button

  1. Expand the Shared node and double-click RsoIntegration to open the project.
  2. Select Compile (Build menu) to compile the project.

Compile the project

  1. Select Generate Incremental CIL (Build menu).

Generate Incremental CIL

  1. Close Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  2. Browse to your ReadSoft Online Connect Bin folder (default location: C:\ProgramData\ReadSoft Software Services AB\ReadSoftOnlineConnect\bin) and run the Import 2012 AXModel.bat file as administrator (Right-click and select Run As Administrator).
  3. Restart the Windows Service, Microsoft Dynamics AX Object Server [version]-MicrosoftDynamicsAX.
  4. Run Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  5. When a dialog states that “The model store has been modified,” select Skip and click OK.
  6. Press  Ctrl  +  D  to open AOT and click the Project button.