Enabling single sign-on with OpenID Connect

You can enable single sign-on (SSO) with OpenID Connect using settings in Admin Center. Before you can enable single sign-on, you must set up an OpenID Connect identity provider.

Enabling single sign-on (single tenant)

To enable single sign-on with OpenID Connect in Admin Center:

  1. Log in to Admin Center as a partner administrator.
  2. Navigate to Account > User management > Identity providers and click ADD.
  3. Specify the settings in the view that appears.

    Make sure you select OpenID Connect as the Protocol and specify the Authority and Client ID from your identity provider.

    OpenID Connect authorities (identity providers) must be whitelisted before use. Contact support to request whitelisting.

  4. Select Display on login page to display a login button for this Identity provider on the Kofax AP Essentials login page.
  5. Click SAVE & CLOSE to save your settings.
  6. Navigate to the User management view and click EDIT.
  7. Select Enable in the SINGLE SIGN-ON settings and choose the Identity provider that you created in the previous steps.
  8. Click SAVE & CLOSE.

    The configuration is complete, and users can now log in using credentials from the OpenID Connect identity provider.

    To log in, the Kofax AP Essentials USER NAME must match the email address of the identity provider credentials.