The Coding field view

To access this view in Admin Center: Select a Services node at the customer level and click Workflow, click the Coding tab. Then click the name of an existing coding field, or click ADD in the CODING FIELDS settings while editing the workflow settings.

Use these settings to edit or add an account type:

Display name The name of the coding field as it appears when coding invoices.
Internal name The internal name that Kofax AP Essentials and your external financial system use to identify the coding field.
Available for account types Determines which account types this coding field can be used with.
Show coding field as a sub line Displays the coding field on a new line when coding invoices. This is helpful if you have many coding fields and want to avoid scrolling horizontally.
Accept empty value Lets you approve the invoice if the field value is empty.
Include in coding suggestion Determines whether the field is included in coding suggestions.

Use automatic coding suggestion must be enabled on the Coding tab to utilize this feature.

Use coding-field master data Determines whether generic master data is used to specify which values appear for selection in the coding-field boxes. If this settings is selected, you can only use the coding values provided by the master data when approving invoices.
Master data display format Determines how the master data appears when coding invoices.