The Add new customer group view

To access this dialog in Admin Center: Click ADD GROUP in the Customers view.

Use these settings to add a new customer group.


Name The name of the customer. This can be a legal entity or a person.
Organization number The organization number of the customer.
VAT number The VAT number of the customer. You can increase interpretation rates of VAT registration fields by providing your organization's VAT number here. In many cases, VAT registration numbers for the buyer and the supplier appear in the invoice header, making it difficult to determine which value to capture. By providing your VAT registration number, ReadSoft Online can exclude your VAT number from the list of possibilities when searching for the correct VAT number on the invoice.
Phone The phone number of the customer.
Fax The fax number of the customer.
Street address The street address of the customer.
Post code The postal code or ZIP code of the customer.
City The city of the customer.
State The state of the customer.
Country The country of the customer.
External reference
ID Use this value to identify the organization in an external system, such as your target system.

Service plan


Determines the licensing model:

  • The Live model is for customers in production.
  • The Demo model is for organizations that use ReadSoft Online for demonstration purposes.
  • The Trial model is for organizations that want to test ReadSoft Online.


The number of documents that are licensed during the period specified by the service plan. In other words, the number of documents the customer can process during the specified period. Document volume data is updated every 5 hours.

Period start

Specifies when the current period of service plan started.  

Period end

Specifies when the current period of service plan ends.  

Description You can use this setting to save notes about the licensing. For example, if you made special arrangements to extend the length of a demo account, you can type the details here.  
Reference The text that you type here is used as the customer billing report reference in the billing report.