Dynamics AX: Handling invoices with multiple purchase-order numbers

The Dynamics AX 2012 integration supports PO matching of invoices that contain multiple purchase-order numbers that appear in line-item tables. In order to utilize this feature there are a few steps you must follow.

  1. Make sure the following fields are selected in the Document type dialog:
    • LI_OrderNumer
    • LI_OrderLine
    • LI_ProductCode
    • LI_Quantity
    • LI_UnitPrice
  2. In the target system settings, make sure Posting invoice is selected.
  3. If you use the Workflow service, you must add four coding fields to the Coding configuration settings. Each field must have Purchase order specified as the Account type. Add one field for each of the following internal names:
    • LineNum
    • ItemId
    • Quantity
    • PurchPrice

    Note that the fields mirror the extraction fields in step one, with the exception of the purchase order field (LI_OrderNumer), which is absent. This is because PO number values are set in the account coding field.

How it works

When an invoice is interpreted and extracted by Kofax AP Essentials, purchase-order numbers in line-item tables are captured using the fields you specified above. After the invoice is verified, it is sent to Dynamics AX. The integration automatically matches PO numbers that are found in line-item tables with PO numbers in Dynamics AX. If there are no PO numbers in the line-item table, the PO number in the header field is used instead.